Gordon M. G. Shepherd


g-shepherd at northwestern.edu

John Barrett

Post-doctoral Fellow

john.barrett at northwestern.edu

Karl KuangHua Guo

MD-PhD student

kuanghua.guo at northwestern.edu

Martinna Tapies

Research Technologist

martinna.tapies at northwestern.edu

Naoki Yamawaki

Post-doctoral Fellow

naoki.yamawaki at northwestern.edu

Past Members

Charlie Anderson (graduate student) --> post-doc, U. Pittsburgh

Alfonso Apicella (post-doc) --> assistant professor, UT San Antonio

Natalie Bernstein (technician)

Katharine Borges (post-doc) --> post-doc, Janelia

​Mac Hooks (post-doc) --> assistant professor, U. Pittsburgh

Taro Kiritani (graduate student) --> post-doc, EPFL, Switzerland

Laurie Lambot (post-doc) --> post-doc, U. Chicago

Xiaojian Li (post-doc) --> professor, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, China

Chelsea Maguire (technician) --> master's program in Medical Laboratory Science, Rush

Patrick Sheets (post-doc) --> assistant professor, U. Indiana
Ben Suter (graduate student) --> post-doc, IST, Austria

Lauren Sybert (technician)

Luke Trapp (undergraduate) --> medical school, UIC Chicago

Nick Weiler (undergradate) --> neuroscience graduate program, Stanford

Lydia Wood (graduate student) --> post-doc, UCSF

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Mouse corticospinal motor cortex

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