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Software, Datasets, Methods Papers, & More


Ephus, WaveSurfer, & ScanImage – We have been involved in helping to develop and support these highly flexible software packages for general-purpose data acquisition, electrophysiology, and laser scanning microscopy, developed and maintained in Karel Svoboda’s laboratory and Vidrio Technologies.


Length density analysis routines – A package of tools for analyzing digitally reconstructed neuronal morphology in terms of axonal and dendritic length density. The source code can be downloaded via this link (via eLife).

Morphological reconstructions deposited with – corticospinal neurons (link), reconstructed by Ben Suter, and GABAergic CA1 retrosplenial-projecting neurons (link), reconstructed by Naoki Yamawaki.

Methods papers: About photostimulation-based circuit mapping, and Ephus software.

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